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Keep track of your expenses.

Your team can easily report expenses for their projects. Stop using multiple apps. Capture everything in WeWorked.

Enter expenses for review.

Team members complete a short form with the details of their expense then submit it for approval. They can even attach a copy of the receipt for reference. An approver is automatically notified by email that an expense has been recorded.

Expense reports can have various statuses, such as approved, denied, invoiced, pending, or reimbursed.

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Import expenses into invoices and relate to projects.

Easily view expenses for a particular project, person, or category. Define unlimited expense categories, such as marketing, transportation, etc. You can even separate billable and non-billable expenses. Import expenses directly into invoices with ease. Relate everything back to a project. Know the exact status of an expense.

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Detailed expense reporting.

The expense report feature adds three new reports to your account. Quickly view expenses by month, by project, and by person. These reports make tracking expenses super easy.

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